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Bindi and I highly recommend Premium Solar Solutions to prospective customers. We were keen to invest in a solar system but didn’t really know much about the available options. We were provided with the detailed information to make an informed decision regarding the most appropriate system for our circumstances. Premium Solar Solutions provided competitive pricing, friendly and informative electricians and importantly delivered on all their undertakings without any hidden additional costs.

Ian Ellis – Lennox Head

6.2kW system

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Premium Solar Solutions installed our hybrid system of 3kW panels and a 6.1kW battery. Our battery is fully recharged in less than 2 hours from the overnight draw with daily surplus sent to the grid. In the 6 months since having our system installed there has only been one night the battery didn’t quite make its full charge and that was after 3 days of consistent cloud cover. A very dependable solar system, and with Premium Solar Solutions guidance I don’t think anyone can go wrong. I certainly didn’t!

Carl Nelson – Bora Ridge

6.1kW system

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Premium Solar Solutions did an excellent job. We are very happy with the outcome and would recommend them to other businesses looking to invest in a Solar PV system. Jeff and his team were very professional, friendly and accessible. I am more than happy to be contacted to confirm this information.

Lennox Hotel – Owner, Greg Campbell

45.9kW system

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Premium Solar Solutions did a wonderful job designing and installing our solar PV system. The results are exceeding our expectations. Since the installation, their team have provided an excellent level of service and support. They liaised with tenants and property managers to ensure that they understood the process and explained how the billing arrangements would work. They have monitored the system’s performance over the last 12 months and ensured that the system is operating at an optimal level. I’m more than happy to recommend Premium Solar Solutions to my friends and business colleagues.

East Ballina Shopping Centre – Owner, Jim Moye

26kW system

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Our power bills have gone about $850 per quarter down to $370 which represents an annual saving of approximately $2000. When the battery is installed our bills will drop even further. Jeff and his team of electricians were very approachable and explained how our new system worked and how much money we were going to save. They were also very helpful with their energy saving tips. We love having solar on our roof. The system will pay for itself in less than 4 years which is an incredible 25% return on our investment.

Kim Newby – Broadwater

6.5kW system