Why the Northern Rivers is a mecca for solar power

Why the Northern Rivers is a mecca for solar power

Sun Drenched

The Northern Rivers in NSW is a mecca for the sun. Renowned for its beaches, weather and fresh produce it could become famous for its use of solar power. Due to longer daylight hours, Northern Rivers residents and business owners have a great opportunity to take advantage of all that sunlight by investing in solar panels for their home. Solar panels help slash costs on your electricity bills.

Solar Panels

The Northern Rivers sees an average of up to nine hours of sunshine a day. Having your solar panels spend more time in sunlight means more time producing energy. Efficient energy production means less reliance on the grid and lower energy bills for your home and business.

Sun drenched Northern NSW a mecca for solar panels for local residents
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For residents of the Northern Rivers looking to make the most of the sun, Premium Solar Solutions maintains feed-in tariffs for energy that you export to the grid. So when you’re out at work and the panels are soaking up all that sunlight, the energy they produce cuts down your electricity bills. Any excess energy produced flows back into the grid so you’ll be credited for the surplus.

Cost Effective

Business owners who operate during the day across the Northern Rivers are in a perfect position to make use of solar. Businesses like cafés, hotels and motels that use electricity during the day are all benefiting when it comes to powering their businesses. As more of the state moves toward solar power, residents have the opportunity to be less reliant on the grid and become more self-sufficient with solar panels.

If you live in the Northern Rivers or run a business the best reason to make the most of solar energy is to save money by using the energy that fills our skies. From the long and sun drenched days, to the feed-in tariffs and business benefits, the Northern Rivers really is a mecca for solar and saving money on electricity bills.


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