Our Services

At Premium Solar Solutions we only offer top quality Tier 1 Solar Panels, inverters and Lithium Ion Batteries. We are more than just a Solar Power company. Our Solar Consultants and electricians are there to help you minimise your electricity usage, while at the same time receive the maximum benefits from your Solar PV system.

We also offer a discounted ‘health and safety’ service for our valued customers and a generous rewards/referral program. As an additional service we also undertake an energy audit to identify future cost savings for your home or business.

The Process

Initial discussion & site assessment

A Premium Solar Solutions expert will meet with you onsite to review your current energy usage and roof area/orientation to determine the best solar solution for your property. We can also discuss a range of finance options to suit your budget and preferences.


Our Clean Energy Council accredited designers and installers will ensure your system is designed for maximum efficiency.

Ongoing care

Following installation, we offer servicing and maintenance to ensure that your solar system is performing at its best.


System Types

Grid Connected Systems

A grid connect solar PV system generates 100% clean electricity via panels located on your roof. This electricity is used first for the needs of your household or building, then any excess power that is generated is fed back into the power grid, earning you credits that are offset against your night time usage.

Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid (or “stand alone”) solar PV systems are for households and organisations who are committed to clean power but who are unable to, or simply choose not to, connect to the state electricity grid. Instead, they make use of batteries to store excess energy produced during the day for use at night or when additional electricity is required.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid solar PV systems combine the best of both worlds – the convenience of being connected to the grid while still being able to store excess electricity in batteries. This type of system offers the additional benefit of guaranteed electricity supply even during blackouts.


Did you know that dirty solar panels can lose up to 70% of their efficiency? Manufacturers now agree that regular maintenance of solar systems improves electrical output and the lifespan of their components. Call Premium Solar Solutions today to arrange a check-up of your system to ensure it is working at its optimum efficiency.